Our Expertise

Our platform utilises world-leading Machine Learning techniques to solve complex problems and provide unparalleled intelligence, to enable outcomes that were once unimaginable. We understand how Machine Learning can create value in your organisation, making Machine Learning quicker to implement, easier for all to use and less expensive. Our team are highly experienced Deep Learning Experts who continually push the boundary of Machine Learning for delivering real world results.

Our Mission

Real Time Explanation

Trust and perceived risk are the most important issues that limit the application of machine learning. Trellis Data developed the world’s leading real-time explanation for deep learning. This means that your staff can now be given actionable insights, and alerts with real-time explanation so they can make more informed and quicker decisions.

One-click Machine Learning & Auto ML

Trellis Data is responding to customers' demands that machine learning delivers outcomes quicker and less expensively. We do this by providing customers with an end to end machine learning solution with in-built accelerators that process data and uses state of the art machine learning models to rapidly deliver outcomes.

Vendor Agnostic & Open Architecture

Delivering outcomes with technology is dependent on all the pieces working together. The Trellis Intelligence Platform is based on open architecture principles and is vendor agnostic. It takes feeds from multiple systems so customers can create actionable insights while preserving their investment in other technologies and solutions.

State of the Art Models

Trellis Data has an entire business unit that scans research papers to identify and validate the latest and best machine learning techniques and neural architectures. We then develop, enhance and deploy them to the Trellis Intelligence Platform. This continually provides you with state of the art machine learning that delivers significant competitive advantage.

Australian Sovereign Asset

As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, Trellis Data is leading our push for a sovereign artificial and machine learning capability so we can protect and promote Australia’s interests.

Secure Solutions

The Trellis Intelligence Platform has been architected and built from the ground up with a singular focus on ensuring that our customers data is protected. We take active steps to continually enhance the capability and capacity of our people, processes and technology to deliver the privacy and security our customers need.

Our Benefit

TIP is an end-to-end Machine Learning (ML) solution that fast tracks your capability to deliver outcomes:

  1. Explainable ML lowers your operational risk.
  2. Enable non-technical staff to achieve results.
  3. Increases speed to outcome.
  4. Increase speed - from months to days.
  5. Reliable, repeatable end to end ML process.
  6. Lowers cost of operation via TIP enterprise.
  7. Stay ahead of the competition with our continual addition of state of the art ML techniques into TIP.

Trellis Intelligence PlatformTIP


Trellis Intelligence PlatformTIP combines leading machine learning techniques with an intuitive user interface and the world’s leading real time explanation tool for deep neural networks. It solves your problems, with your data — fast!

TIP enables our customers to solve the most complex problems, whilst enabling individuals to trust and explain every decision in real time.

Aged Care, Health, Welfare, Infrastructure, Employment, Defence, Border Protection, Intelligence & Education.


Manufacturing, Financial Services, Professional, Mining, Services, Health Services, Technology, Retail

“TIP enables people to develop deep learning solutions without knowing Python or other programming languages.”


Trent C

TIP User

Use Cases

With a proven track record, peruse cases that demonstrate our platform’s suitability 
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Artificial intelligence used to detect tiny pests in Brisbane.
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Cameras able to detect foreign pests just a few millimetres in size are the latest weapons being used to stop biosecurity threats from entering the country, thanks to new technology coming out of the capital.

Machine-learning cameras developed by Canberra-based Trellis Data have been used at Australian ports to help detect invasive species hiding in cargo containers, without having to manually inspect them.
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