Department of Defence

TIP was used to develop resilient, real-time Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance in a limited communications environment. In under two months the customer was able to develop a solution to detect required objects; deploy to a Decision-Making at the Sensor (DMATS) edge device; task the sensor via a Q&A Utility to look for objects and report back via SMS and email when the objects were found. Recipients of the detection notification were able to request the evidence data (~100kB, a subset of the entire data at the sensor) on which the notification was based. Users were additionally able to re-task the solution to look for other targets.

Within a two-month period the customer was able to deploy a solution encompassing:

  • Query sensor data at the edge to identify and fix nominated targets;
  • Provide answers to specific intelligence questions without having to transmit whole data feeds;
  • Make decisions at the edge in a disconnected mode;;
  • Combining target identification with geo-location;
  • Autonomous direction of an airborne sensor to collect intelligence data from a geo-referenced location;
  • Autonomous triggering of a sensor based on tripping another sensor threshold.