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Business Development Position Available

Business Development Position

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Government trialling machine learning tech to detect pests at shipping ports

The federal government is working with a Canberra-based company to trial machine learning technology that aims to detect pests at Australian shipping ports.

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Deep Learning: A Quickstart Guide

Education, AI

A quick and comprehensive review of Deep Learning concepts with accompanying reading.

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The Role and Potential of Machine Learning in Disaster Management


We have a once in a generation opportunity to build and deploy a disaster management capability that can change lives. This system is built on a convergence of technologies such as 5G network, sensors, digital platforms, artificial learning and machine learning.

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An introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Defence (Part 1)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will solve one of our greatest dilemmas both on the Battlefield and in Sovereign Protection over the course of the next decade, the competition for bandwidth.

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