However, AI isn’t just something that works in the background to make your day-to-day life better, it can revolutionise the way your business operates.

Customers have become so accustomed to AI-enabled experience, they almost expect it - regardless of the industry you’re in. Every business gains a myriad of benefits through AI incorporation as it not only improves efficiency but also efficacy through lowered costs, increased results, improved flexibility and responsiveness, and reduced risk.

Here are the top six ways AI is transforming Australian businesses. 

Assisting the manufacturing process

From multinational companies to local businesses alike, AI assists in every stage of the manufacturing process from supply chain to inventory tracking on store shelves. Not only can predictive intelligence anticipate demand and alter production rates but machine vision also supports quality control too. 

AI also poses a great preventative tool, with sensors on equipment being able to predict maintenance and recognise potential areas of concerns in the manufacturing process to prevent costly issues later down the line. 

Elevating customer experience

Chatbots are an incredible form of AI, and have taken the customer service experience to a new level. As a virtual advisor, consultant, or assistant, chatbots are able to converse with customers over the internet in real-time. 

This process is able to run 24/7, all year round without any human intervention as each chatbot is programmed with special algorithms which are able to recognise the needs of customers to answer basic questions and engage in conversation. 

It not only saves time, as easy tasks can be managed by chatbots rather than employees, but it significantly reduces costs going towards the customer service department. 

Transcription for international business

The ability for companies to easily tap into transcription and translation services enables organisations to expand their customer base without the challenges faced in transl. This extends to online support for customers and reduces the impact on call centres.

Due to the shift to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most business meetings are now conducted online through video conferencing tools. You can also use transcription services to improve how you communicate.

With the transcription services, you will be able to track the online conferences and meetings and make sure every participant is on one page despite the differences in language. 

Automated solutions for biosecurity

Biosecurity is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a huge volume of goods being shipped across the globe. The only solution capable of providing a line of defence against biosecurity threats entering a country is an automated solution led by machine learning. 

Trellis Data is a world leader in providing an automated end to end solution for detecting biosecurity threats at ports, protecting the agricultural sector from a wide range of threats which would cripple a country’s economy.

Boosting cybersecurity

AI is an invaluable asset to computer network defence. With all businesses running on some form of a digital platform, strong cybersecurity is not recommended but needed in today’s age. AI systems are able to recognise cyberattacks and other threats through monitoring patterns from data input. 

Once threats are detected, the AI is able to backtrack through data to find the source of the threat, not only stopping it but also preventing future incidents as well. AI is more diligent and continuous than a set of human eyes, so the round the clock protection will be transformative in shielding your business’ infrastructure. 

Cognitive insights

Using algorithms, AI is able to detect patterns in vast volumes of data and interpret their meaning - it’s analytics like you’ve never seen before. 

Through machine learning technologies, this means your business can oversee each customer’s purchasing habits and tailor their online shopping experience through automated personalised ads and recommendations to increase chances of purchase and brand loyalty. 

These cognitive insights go above and beyond traditional analytics as they are consistently evolving and improving - the more data they are given, the more they improve to produce more accurate predictions. 

If you're wondering how could the Trellis Intelligence Platform solve these, and other challenges for your organisation contact us today.