Trellis Intelligence PlatformTIP


What Is It?

The TIP is an end to end Machine Learning (ML) platform that makes it easier and faster to get value and realise benefits from your data. It includes:

  1. One click ML with state of the art ML techniques and models
  2. Real time explanation for every decision TIP makes
  3. Open architecture
  4. Two modes: Intuitive mode (for anyone in your organisation) and Expert mode (for Data Scientists)
  5. Available as a service on cloud, on premise or on device
  6. Leverages all your data including your databases, documents, photos, videos, voice, online content, etc.
  7. Data accelerators to significantly reduce the data preparation time on ML projects

TIP Differentiators

Simplicity Repeatable Process Cost Effective Explainable

Current ML solutions require long and complex integration by data specialists. TIP Provides Automated Machine Learning for both beginners and advanced users through familiar interfaces.

Current ML solutions are designed for specific uses and are not repeatable. TIP provides repeatable processes, best-of-breed algorithms and rapid retraining of models.

Complex, bespoke ML solutions are costly to develop and maintain. TIP lowers operational cost and improves ROI by standardising the process and providing accelerators that means you can undertake a broader range of use cases by a broad range of staff.

TIP decisions are completely explainable, in real-time, meaning you and your stakeholders can trust the decisions and know why a decision was made. TIP's explanations are world leading and available for all models built using TIP.

Tip products

TIP Sensor

Provides real time decision making at the sensor.

  1. Object Detection
  2. Facial Recognition
  3. Speech to Text
  4. Asset Protection
TIP Fraud & Compliance

Provides real-time, explainable predictive fraud and non-compliance alerts.

  1. Real-time Fraud Detection
  2. Predictive Compliance Monitor
  3. Document Auditor
TIP Organisation Optimiser

Uses your data to deliver more efficient and effective business processes.

  1. Business Process Optimisation
  2. Automated Application Assessment
  3. Staff Leaders and Leavers
  4. Asset / Workforce Readiness


Automated Machine Learning for both beginners and advanced users through familiar interfaces enabling you to design new or updated models in hours.

TIP delivers an automated workflow to develop machine learning algorithms using world-leading techniques. The intuitive user interface does not require understanding of specific programming languages.

Users can create, execute and visualise an end-to-end machine learning and deep learning workflow.

TIP also includes Auto ML — a feature that means top-performing neural networks can be created automatically, in a repeatable fashion. This allows non-expert users to develop outcome-focused Machine Learning algorithms without having any detailed knowledge of how algorithms are created.

Multiple Uses, Faster to Decision

Repeatable processes, best-of-breed algorithms and rapid retraining of models (usually within a day)

TIP makes the machine learning lifecycle a reusable workflow that allows users to collaborate on models at the same time and reuse previous models.

TIP incorporates common machine learning techniques along with proprietary methods which provide greater accuracy. All of these methods are available and their results are fully explainable with TIP, “out of the box”.

TIP facilitates ingestion of various types of data (eg. databases) and limits the need to develop bespoke software to convert complex unstructured into structured data.

Greater Return on Investment

Broad use by a wider range of users delivers a greater return on investment. Upskilling generally in under 2 days.
TIP makes machine learning more accessible to staff and reduces the time taken to deploy solutions.

TIP provides:

  • Supports staff with minimal programming skills
  • Is supported by online training tools and documents
  • Empowers non-data scientists to review ML predictions intuitively and run prediction processes without requiring deep-ML programming skills
  • Has state of the art ML algorithms built in to support rapid solution development
  • Is constantly improved by incorporating state of the art research


Decisions are completely explainable, in real-time, meaning you and your stakeholders can trust the decisions and know why a decision was made. TIP provides the capability for real-time explanation of any decision made by the machine learning model so that users can understand the decision making of complex neural networks. It gives users confidence and trusted decision support capability.

TIP provides:

  • Real-time explanation of decisions as a core feature of the platform
  • Support for real-time operations
  • Ability to improve model decision making based on the explanation

What It Enables

  1. Improving service delivery, both internally and for the end user experience
  2. Identify potential weakness in processes, policies, people and systems
  3. Evolve operational processes to create efficiencies
  4. Understand your past and predict your future opportunities
  5. Predict how changes in your business or department will impact customers and stakeholders

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